Spring Conference 2023 Offen - sichtlich - Archiv - Mediendokumentar:innen an der Schnittstelle von medialer Überlieferung und öffentlichem Interesse - Apr 17 2023 - Apr 19 2023 (Nuremberg) -

Session 4

Media archives should not only be open to science and research, but also to society, create transparency and make their holdings available to the public. The topic of “Open Archive” has been debated for several years – quite controversial. In the meantime there are many other projects besides ARD-Retro. What are the objectives pursued and what is the effort behind it? Which logistical concept is required for audio or video digitization and what does a contemporary accessibility of the content look like? Which interfaces or interactive graphical visualizations can improve the transfer of knowledge. For example, do anniversary exhibitions help to strengthen the reputation of public service broadcasting? And do archive openings actually enhance the archives themselves?
Answers to these and other questions will be given by the four presentations of this session. They present four projects from the practice of an audio, video, corporate and media archive. The journey begins in Switzerland, then leads to Hessen and Hamburg and ends in Bremen.

»Lass hören!«  
Öffnung von Audio-Archivbeständen bei SRF

Markus Gafner (SRF, Zürich)
Tür auf oder zu? Public Value  
Transparenz und Möglichkeit zum Dialog durch eine Ausstellung im Museum

Sonja Duschek (hr, Frankfurt a. M.) | Sabine Jansen (hr, Frankfurt a. M.)
Von analog zu digital  
Über die Digitalisierung des Videoarchivs von Spiegel TV GmbH durch den Einsatz innovativer Technologie

Pascal Schwarz (PMG, Berlin) | Dr. Koos Hussem (X-Cago, Roermond)
Abenteuer Literatur im Dschungel ihrer Digitalisate  
Visuelle Exploration des digitalen Medienarchivs

Horst Monsees (Günther Grass Stiftung, Bremen) | David Bouck-Standen (NetAlive, Rosengarten)